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The Study and Communication Meeting for “3 Stricts &3 Steadies” Are Held in Exhibition Company

Date:2016-04-15 | Times:854

According to the deploy and requires of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, Nanjing Hexi Convention and Exhibition Co.,Ltd held the 3rd study meeting for “3 Stricts &3 Steadies” above the theme of “Be strict in cultivating one's moral character,preventing abuse of power and disciplining oneself。Be steady in planning matters, starting undertakings and conducting oneself”.  

On 23th Nov, the branch secretary and general manger Zhang Qingxuan held this meeting. He emphasized to follow the demanding of “3 Stricts &3 Steadies” and “4 Checking” . He also required workers to find out problems and solve them with particular activities. The middle-level cadres and CPC members took the meeting.

Other study activities will be held in december. Studies will be based on the questions in exhibitions and all departments, solutions will be proposed will deep checking and discussion.