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The 18th International Wearing Festival is Ready to Go

Date:2016-04-15 | Times:891

With the complex developing environment in 2015, the economic, export are lower than before. The clothing industry in Jiangsu start to facing all the changes with different strategies. The scale and profit are in a front position all over China.

As a influential and professional exhibition in the nation, Jiangsu International Wearing Festival have promote the developing and creation of clothing industry with the guide of “Brand Jiangsu, Fashion Jiangsu”. It has became the best platform in Jiangsu and even China for clothing promoting, marking expanding, design releasing and business communication.

The exhibition will be divided into many zones including brand, creation design, internet trade, business discussion. Each zone will have its own special. The fashion week will be combined with fashion show, crossover fashion will be showed up.

The 18th International Wearing Festival will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center, we sincerely welcome you to join us!